Things I Post

Book Thoughts:

These are my post about what I thought about a book I’ve read. I don’t quite want to say it’s a “review” coz its quite formal and technical. 😛 hehe I am not a writer really, but a bookworm who just have so many feels in one book alone that I can’t quite contain on my little head of mine and just needs to write it down and share it. 🙂 hehe

Comic/Graphic Novel Thoughts:

Pretty much the same as Book Thoughts posts. Gonna talk about the story, the visual storytelling, and the art (that of course includes the art style, composition, color choices, and more) 😀 . Not only is it good for my volcanic feelings tendency but it’s also good for practice how to make a comic/graphic novel which is pretty much what I am studying and striving to accomplish! 😀 Wohoo!

Film Thoughts: 

Yup! You guess it right! Just the same as the rest above. I am such a film enthusiast and I’d love to talk about or even just burst out my feelings for a certain movie! 😀 And, I am quite not picky we’re it comes from! 😀 To let you know, I have a few favorite movies that are not Hollywood movies and I bet you guys would love them too! 😀 So, stay tuned.

TV series Thoughts:

Did you guess it right? YUUUP! Same as the rest above! 🙂 Do I need to explain it further? 😛 Hehe

Encounters with the Unnoticed

It’s a small tinsy, winsy, little project of mine. I was inspired by The Blue Umbrella tumblr. I pretty much take a photo of an overlooked things around me that have some life…or character and make a story out of it. 🙂 It’s quite an interesting thing to do. I do hope you guys like it. 🙂 I love creating stories, I love dealing with different perspective and the “whatifs”. So why not?

Illustrations/ Fanarts

In the Book Thoughts posts and maybe Comic/ Graphic Novel Thoughts, I’ll be posting illustrations and fanarts of the book or comic I’ll be posting. So, hope you guys like it as much as I put my heart into it! 🙂


some few short stories I’ve made in a group that gives topics and a time limit. For more details click here. 🙂



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