Spitwriting: Blood

Post #2

Topic: Blood

Time Limit: 1-2 mins.

It was just any typical day. Dark but slowly progressing. Going to work with the rest. It may seem tedious and quite an extreme job and life but I love it. I knew had a purpose. We were all cruising. Being with my family. When suddenly we were all swept off our feet. Something was quite different. We were at a loss. I saw a huge amount of our kind coming towards and we were forced to run. Run and run we went until we realized I was separated from my family. My sister, slowly faded, my mother abruptly touched me then gone, my father calling my name faintly. Then everything stopped.

As I opened my eyes, everything was different. Bright, somewhat blurry (but someone at the back told me it will get better) and quite clustered. At some point I knew my life was over. I lost my family, I slowly realized I have no such purpose anymore.

My past life, I gave it all to sweet little Janey. Now, I was just here, with the rest of my kind, stuck. Just hanging around in one stagnant point.

Suddenly, we were moving. Well not individually, but as a whole. That’s when I saw the sign right in front of me. I have a purpose again but not for Janey anymore, for someone, maybe who needed me more…or us. I felt everybody relieved and extremely ecstatic. It read:

Patient XXX Blood Type 0+ for donation.

This is quite a tricky one. I had the idea, I knew the ending but putting them together and saying the right words (so the surprise or twist won’t be revealed) served quite a challenge. And so, I think I didn’t make it until the 2 mins mark.

Actually, I had my timer but it didn’t light up and so kept going and going until I realized it was taking too long. So, ohwell. 😐 Anyway, here it is, ayma share it here in my little bubble. 😛 hehe Next time, I’d do better! 😀

BTW, this was also inspired by something. It’s a filipino children’s book but I forgot what the title was. Maybe I’d post it here once I’ve come back to Manila 🙂

I knew for a fact for these topic, people would use it in a horror genre, vampire-que topic, or life kind of thing and so I wanted to be different. I used the perspective of the blood. Not just any other blood, but a blood who loves his job and what if one day steals that kind of passion. He’d feel purposeless. What would he do? What lies on his future?