Film Thoughts: Gravity


This movie got a massive hype when it was in theaters and to think when the trailer came out no one in my social media communities, commercials, and even people surrounding in my daily life talked about it. (Unless you know, I hang around a few amount of people or that they really are not into movies, or I am just such a trailer eager kind of person.) Nonetheless, it made me think of how moviegoers are composed of. Just boggles my mind how some people watch a film because they are going with the flow and it is the trend.

AAAANNNYWAAAAY! That’s for another time. Maybe I’d discuss it in another blog entry. Just crossed my mind as I was about to talk about today’s FILM THOUGHTS. Drum roll please…GARAAAAAHHHVITYYYYY!!!

I was actually watching this movie while I was taking a break from working. I made a mental note to stop after 30 minutes because I needed to get back to work and finish what needs to be done. Yet I just could not stop myself. My eyes were completely glued on my monitor.

Nevertheless, I had a satisfactory look on my face after finishing the film. It was quite interesting how things turned out. My expectation were both unmeet and surpassed.

I guess, I got into the hype quite a bit. I actually watched the trailer before it got the huge hype. I found it quite interesting compelling though I didn’t know why. In some ways, watching the trailer, Β not only are you in that kind of suspense thrill kind of ride, but it made me expect something and so I was captivated by it.

Yet after watching the film, I realized the trailer gave the story up. It was about how a lone astronaut survive with a few sources on space. PERIOD. Simple right?

What made this film extraordinary was it used all the magic beans the film industry had. Great acting , direction, cinematography, editing, sound editing and even the most recent magic bean- CGI. (It may not have the greatest plot twisting story but they used all the other magic technique to deliver this film)

Now, I am actually proud of this film because they didn’t usually overused one magic bean than the other. Like some action films nowadays overkilled the used of magic bean CGI than the others. They used all of them equally.

Many people were praising Sandra Bullock’s performance to the point even the Academy Awards recognized it and nominated her. I even saw some reviews and post that her acting saved the movie. Actually, in my point of view, the story or rather the suspense and thrill of being alone, scared and everything weren’t all Bullock’s weight.


She did a brilliant job in acting as what she is told to do. This is your character play that. BAAAM! She did! Which I am actually not taking it in a offensive side. She did a splendid job but I felt she wasn’t given a complex character. Compared to Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine, she made the character so three dimensional, so real, so flawed and beautiful at the same time. I am not so sure if she interpreted it that way, or that Woody Allen wrote it tremendously. Nonetheless, I felt the realism and complexity of it all.

Bullock did not do it all on her own. If you watch it closely, the cuts, the sound and shots brought a great deal to it all. With her acting and all those magic beans in place they made a spectacular film, which to be honest you don’t see very often.

Usually, when you watch a suspense or thriller kind of movies, they would use one magic bean the most and the rest ummm…not so much.

Like 1 huge magic bean called acting then the rest tiny bits. Or, 1 huge magic bean called sound then the rest tiny bits.

This movie in particular not only did we hear Bullock’s pants and scream the sound (and even it’s editing) helped you to feel what she felt. Together with the cuts and shots the editing did, it made you even helpless and lost.

I actually adored one scene. Or better yet I noticed whenever a suspenseful scene is coming up they build it up in the most fascinating thing ever. So you see, Bullock’s expression together with some song. And when she realizes that she cannot work the ship so she can come home the song becomes faster. And together with some cuts and interesting shots, you as a viewer tense up. Then as the song, shots and cuts builds up BAAAAM! One silent long shot. And there in the center of it all, you see Bullock, throwing a tantrum. You see her shouting and kicking over her frustration but you don’t hear it because not only is it a long shot but the camera is right outside the ship…out there in space…where no one can hear you. That very shot tells all about the frustration, the anger, the emotions that Bullock projects and how a human feels in that dire hopelessness. And that realization, you are alone, no one will hear and save you. You are not only stranded in this dreadful silent place called-space but you are that close to getting home and everything just won’t work out.

Don’t you think that was an amazing scene? I thought it was brilliant! πŸ™‚

I also liked the scene when Bullock’s character Dr. Ryan Strong was spinning and just floating around. You can hear her voice just at a lost and panting. Yes, you see her wiggling about trying to do something to the point you see her panicing but WHO WOULDN’T right? (so there is your acting) but the camera not only let’s you see her wiggling and panic-ing it even let’s you see in her point of view. From seeing her floating about in a blank scary space alone to gradually going inside the suit and seeing it in her point of view. Now, not only do you see it in her POV literally but you hear her oxygen decreasing. The camera did not only stay there for a quick look for you to see in her POV but it stayed long enough to you as audience to understand in her shoes what’s going on…what’s she is seeing, what she is experiencing. For you to feel the tension.

What I also liked about this movie, was after that panic and wiggling scene we see Bullock and Clooney’s character reunited. Then have themselves go to the nearby ships to get some help. You are then experiencing a slowness. Some kind of rest. As viewers yes, it is good as a visual storyteller to let your audience rest for a while but on this movie the rest is not only the reason. They wanted you to see the space. How space see our planet earth. How odd and fascinating it is to be both scared and amazed when you are in Space. They showed the two sides of life.

Yes, space is definitely silent. It’s a place that is terrifying because no one will ever hear you yet it is most tranquil place. You’d just get used to its silence and be lost in your deep thoughts. How terrifying and beautiful is it not?

For a visual storyteller, he or she needs to not only make an amazing story but to deliver it across in bull’s eye. Some movies can stand to have a story simple on its own and rely on others less, some need all the CGI they can muster to at least have billions of people watch a mediocre kind of story others might have a simple story to tell yet use everything effectively. One great example is Gravity.

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Trailer Fever: take 3

Surfed my way to Youtube and look what I found? A new batch of trailers!!! πŸ™‚

1) A Long Way Down

Didn’t seem interesting at first but as it kept going it was cute, funny and heartwarming.

Status: Sure, why not.

2) Frank

Incredibly weird, absurd, fascinating, unique and hilarious! πŸ™‚ Does it not make you want to watch it more? Well, I do! πŸ™‚ It’s quite refreshing to find a combo like this in film and pretty much in storytelling. So I am excited to see how it will turn up.

Status: Count me in!

3) Annie


Never had the chance to be included in my childhood but nonetheless, fate just can’t let it pass! Thanks to my good friend, I was introduced to “Hard Knock Life” and “Easy Street” as she kept playing these songs few years ago. And booooy do I loooove them! πŸ˜€ GAAAAHHHH!!!

Despite of not being a huge fan of remakes or reboot of beloved films (especially in Hollywood) this I can definitely make an exception!

Not only does it bring back some exceptionally amazing songs in the menu but they did not drop a glass full of ‘modern’ and ‘un-musical’ into the dish. Just a tad but it made it all the difference. Like Ms. Hannigan being really sassy and hilarious but still has that villan-ess quality we are familiar with in the original. (Love you, Cameron Diaz!) Β And what made it unique and refreshing is it a Black Annie! πŸ™‚ That was really cool! And it did make it even more dramatic. So, that I can look forward too. πŸ™‚

Status: Fingers crossed! Will try to contain the excitement and not jinx it. But nonetheless SUUUUUPER EXCITED FOR DECEEEEEMBER!!!! GAAAAAHHH! (now stoooop!)

4) Walk of Shame




Don’t know how to say.

It’s quite hard to tell…with this kind of movies you know are… light heart comedies with just plaaain comedy and no substance kind of comedy. I mean I love Elizabeth Banks (She did have funny roles and hilarious movies) but…it just reminds me of ‘Hangover’…but not.

Though I did find the “beep beep” car scene seem funny but I don’t know. Let’s see…when the movies comes. Sometimes, trailers can be misleading and be suckie for an amazing film. So, let’s tightly cross our fingers for this one.

This seems to go on that category of “Feel Good Movies”. So let’s leave it at that.

Status: Maybe I’ll watch it to laugh or if I am thaaaat bored.

5) Mom’s Night Out

I usually put on these Trailer Fevers good ones, I think I find interesting. Well here is the thing, these things I put up are not only the things I stumble upon. I also bump into…the not so much interesting pile. However, this time around maybe I’d show you them because you guys might find it fascinating or it’d be your thing.

I am not a huuuge massive fan of these kinds of films. Yet, I’d do admit, these kinds of films… the “feel good” movies sometimes makes you laugh when your down, stressed or plain bored really. So, I call them “feel good”. Nonetheless, you guys might think it’s the funniest ever, and the greatest movie because not only is it funny it relates to you.

Status: Hhhmmmm…lemme think about it.

6) Zero Theorem

Quite possible confused at the moment after watching it. Yet it intrigues me what it is all about. Makes it even more appealing in a different way. Not only is Christoph Waltz in it (one of my favorite actors! C’mon he is amazing! He can do no wrong!) but the idea seems strange but really intriguing!

The trailer is quite ambiguous which is actually refreshing because most trailers just straight away tell you the story off the bat! So, this makes any viewer wait for the movie and watch it.

Status: Definitely!

7) Guardians of the Galaxy

Unfortunately, I am not a huge fan of Marvel or DC so I cannot say anything comic-wise. (I didn’t even know it existed. Sorry…) However, I’ve seen Chris Pratt in Parks and Rec (Which is incredible HILARIOUS! If you’ve never watched it, I encourage you too! PLEASE!) and maaaan he is funny. I’ve seen or rather I heard him in Lego (well, Lego’s trailer… unfortunately I haven’t watched Lego. Yes, I’ve been crying buckets!) And he fit the character. Though I watched him in ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and he was different. This buff soldier guy.

So, when I watched this, okay…they put all of them together… let’s see how it goes. This seems quite interesting too.

PLUS KAREN GILLAN is in it! πŸ˜€ hehe Sorry, I just recently watched Doctor Who and I was delighted to see someone familiar from that and she is a villain so that seems interesting and different from her character there.

Status: UHUH! Gonna watch thiiiiisss!

8) Hector and Search of Happiness

I love Simon Pegg and it is fascinating to see him not only to get projects that are comedic but something heartfelt. Don’t get me wrong, I saw him in “Run Fatboy Run” and I adore that film. He can actually act in those dramatic kind of stories.

What I like about him is, he makes the character relatable because he makes them not only serious (to deal with life, think about life, reflect about life and so forth) but brings it smiles which in reality YES there are people like that. Most movies I see, if its drama…its all serious. A depressed person finding meaning of life or happiness or a happy person who never knew the meaning of happiness. Mostly its those opposite poles, which, I cannot argue they DO Attract one another and makes a great story.

However, I felt through this trailer this sense of refreshing vibe to Simon Pegg’s character. So even though, we’ve seen this formula of a story a million times, it gives it another go!

Status: Of course, I am going to watch this! πŸ™‚

9) Maladies

A different kind of heartwarming vibe as I watch it and you know what…it got me hooked! These kinds of films makes my heart melt like butter and sit in a cold breeze and just think about life. A great combo heartwarming + substantial + slice of life + funny= a perfect film dish for a warm cozy day.

STATUS: Yes, count me in for that order and bring some apple pie and hot coco with that!

10) Love Punch

Emma Thompson [CHECK]


Did i mention EMMA THOMPSON already? [CHECK]

Okay in all seriousness, there is really something about British films or even tv series that just makes me like it better most of the time to American movies and tv series. (I still like some okay! Just to make it clear)

They have this interesting realism humor people can relate to. I mean, they don’t try to be funny but the realism of someone getting older and is about to do something action packed needs to suddenly go to the loo? C’mon! That’s really funny!

I guess this is the one I am trying to talk about. Compared to the movies “Walk of Shame” and “Mom’s Night Out”Β above I’d rather watch this in full conviction. This is the comedy I meant, its funny but has substance. Or that, hilarious kind of vibe but not trying to hard. But then again, maybe it’s their culture and American audience are more comfortable in that kind of comedy.

STATUS: Definitely!

Trailer Fever: Another Go!

Another Batch of Trailer Feeehver! πŸ˜€

1) The Immigrant

Seems quite interesting…and Marion Cotilliard is on it! >.< I rarely watch a movie because a celebrity favorite is on. Number 1 on my list all the time is zeee “story”. However, I am a person who loves an actor not because of their look but because of their acting πŸ™‚ One of them is Marion Cotilliard! πŸ˜€

Besides, even if a movie has a simple storyline, if the actor’s performance was astonishing then they could definitely save the movie! πŸ˜€

Status: What more can I say, Marion Cotilliard! :3 hehe

2) And While We Were Here

This reminds me of ‘Cairo Time’. (Lovely Movie by the way! πŸ˜€ You guys should watch it!) Not only the story but the feel of it (despite on the start of the trailer it has a hint of comedy on it). Even if it seems similar, the trailer just gripped me into watching it. Basically, if the the trailer can talk he’d day: “C’mon take a bite. It won’t hurt if you’d try.” And maaaaaan, was I hooked.

Status: Waiting for the blu-ray πŸ™‚

3)Ways to Live Forever

OHMAAAAYGOOOODNESS!!! I saw Robbie Kay Β in ‘Once Upon A Time’ as Peter Pan and in the film ‘Pinocchio’ as Pinocchio, and boy was I blown away! πŸ™‚ For me, he’s a star to watch out for because he can really act and in such a young age! He’s one of those actors, when he does one character to another, he seems like a different person. You won’t see him as Robbie Kay but you’d see him as the character he has portrayed. And that is a mark of a good actor! πŸ™‚ Peter Pan and Pinocchio were two different characters and he just nailed to the core! πŸ˜€ I am just glad that he is breaking in the film to get the exposure he deserves. Though, he looks rather young here than when he was doing OUT.

PLUS, the story seems interesting! πŸ™‚

Last thing, can I just say he resembles like Freddie Highmore when he was this young. πŸ˜› hehe

4) The Sessions

This seems like a fascinating idea. Even though it isn’t conventional and quite different topic to use in the cinema, it’s what makes it interesting and refreshing. πŸ™‚ We usually associate a sex therapist (or anything to do with s-e-x) maliciously however, this movie showed us another side of the coin. To think it was released on 2012, I never heard any hype about it. Such a shame! πŸ™‚ Hope I am not giving any high expectation and then plunge down with disappointment once I’ve watched it. *tightly crossing fingers*

Status: In the process of downloading it! πŸ˜€

5) Tonight you’re Mine

Do you have those days, you know what the movie is all about but unfortunately forgot the title? Even if goggle is so efficient, you just cannot type “Oh, that movie with a boy and girl meets in a concert, bickers here and there…blah blah blah…” If google could by now have the capacity of a voice reply activation he’d go bananas telling you to just stop typing!

Well, I did for a long time.Β So, it was great that I’ve bumped into it.

These kinds of plots, I’ve seen it in multiple occasions in the rom com genre (especially in Korea or Japan…okay…not so sure on Japan but in Eastern Cinema) and use it in a funny, bubbly, sweet (and sometimes too sweet) take. That is why it is actually refreshing to see it in this kind of real, humane and raw direction.

Status: Definitely going to find it and watch it! πŸ™‚

6) At Middleton

Not quite there…but I’d give it a chance with the lessons it was popping up.

Status: Let’s see

7) Nobody Walks

Ohhhkay, seriously, I think I seem so redundant using the words intriguing, interesting and fascinating. But c’mon, if you hadn’t hit play…you’d pretty much say these words.

The only thing I can say?

Help me find synonyms of the words I mentioned above because really, this are intriguing, interesting and fascinating! πŸ™‚

Status: Ya! Sure definitely.

8) Sound of my Voice

A person interested on this some sort of secluded and hidden group?

That person, becomes an undercover and infiltrates secretly the group?

Unfortunately, little by little the person is falling in love with the charming leader?

Sounds familiar? Well, for me, yes! ItΒ reminded me of the film “The East”.Β I am a bit concerned that it does yet, I find it intriguing how they’ll execute this film. Because unlike “The East” it isn’t a campaign or these small hidden group of people attack or plan something outside of their circle. It deals with within. How it affects the two undercover journalists? How they change? How the leader can charm there people? If those kinds of questions arises, you’re making your film far more interesting.

Status: In the process of looking for it and downloading the minute I find it! πŸ™‚

9) Jesus Henry Christ

Heartwarming, quirky, empowering of the freakiness or the uniqueness inside us. What more can you ask for? πŸ™‚ Just lovely!

Or I am just a sucker for this quirky and cute characters of some sort of underdogs finding who they really are. With a pinch of realism of the world around us.

Status: Of course, I’ll give it a go!

10) Labor Day

Last but not the least, I give you this intriguing trailer. πŸ˜€ Yup! No other words to describe it! πŸ˜€ Your attention is just grabbed! Makes you wanna know what the truth lies as it is “teasing” you to watch it!

Great job, getting me to bee quite curious for this film!

Really, lives up to what these few minute videos are called: Teaser

Status: Cannot wait! πŸ˜€