Trailer Fever: take 3

Surfed my way to Youtube and look what I found? A new batch of trailers!!! πŸ™‚

1) A Long Way Down

Didn’t seem interesting at first but as it kept going it was cute, funny and heartwarming.

Status: Sure, why not.

2) Frank

Incredibly weird, absurd, fascinating, unique and hilarious! πŸ™‚ Does it not make you want to watch it more? Well, I do! πŸ™‚ It’s quite refreshing to find a combo like this in film and pretty much in storytelling. So I am excited to see how it will turn up.

Status: Count me in!

3) Annie


Never had the chance to be included in my childhood but nonetheless, fate just can’t let it pass! Thanks to my good friend, I was introduced to “Hard Knock Life” and “Easy Street” as she kept playing these songs few years ago. And booooy do I loooove them! πŸ˜€ GAAAAHHHH!!!

Despite of not being a huge fan of remakes or reboot of beloved films (especially in Hollywood) this I can definitely make an exception!

Not only does it bring back some exceptionally amazing songs in the menu but they did not drop a glass full of ‘modern’ and ‘un-musical’ into the dish. Just a tad but it made it all the difference. Like Ms. Hannigan being really sassy and hilarious but still has that villan-ess quality we are familiar with in the original. (Love you, Cameron Diaz!) Β And what made it unique and refreshing is it a Black Annie! πŸ™‚ That was really cool! And it did make it even more dramatic. So, that I can look forward too. πŸ™‚

Status: Fingers crossed! Will try to contain the excitement and not jinx it. But nonetheless SUUUUUPER EXCITED FOR DECEEEEEMBER!!!! GAAAAAHHH! (now stoooop!)

4) Walk of Shame




Don’t know how to say.

It’s quite hard to tell…with this kind of movies you know are… light heart comedies with just plaaain comedy and no substance kind of comedy. I mean I love Elizabeth Banks (She did have funny roles and hilarious movies) but…it just reminds me of ‘Hangover’…but not.

Though I did find the “beep beep” car scene seem funny but I don’t know. Let’s see…when the movies comes. Sometimes, trailers can be misleading and be suckie for an amazing film. So, let’s tightly cross our fingers for this one.

This seems to go on that category of “Feel Good Movies”. So let’s leave it at that.

Status: Maybe I’ll watch it to laugh or if I am thaaaat bored.

5) Mom’s Night Out

I usually put on these Trailer Fevers good ones, I think I find interesting. Well here is the thing, these things I put up are not only the things I stumble upon. I also bump into…the not so much interesting pile. However, this time around maybe I’d show you them because you guys might find it fascinating or it’d be your thing.

I am not a huuuge massive fan of these kinds of films. Yet, I’d do admit, these kinds of films… the “feel good” movies sometimes makes you laugh when your down, stressed or plain bored really. So, I call them “feel good”. Nonetheless, you guys might think it’s the funniest ever, and the greatest movie because not only is it funny it relates to you.

Status: Hhhmmmm…lemme think about it.

6) Zero Theorem

Quite possible confused at the moment after watching it. Yet it intrigues me what it is all about. Makes it even more appealing in a different way. Not only is Christoph Waltz in it (one of my favorite actors! C’mon he is amazing! He can do no wrong!) but the idea seems strange but really intriguing!

The trailer is quite ambiguous which is actually refreshing because most trailers just straight away tell you the story off the bat! So, this makes any viewer wait for the movie and watch it.

Status: Definitely!

7) Guardians of the Galaxy

Unfortunately, I am not a huge fan of Marvel or DC so I cannot say anything comic-wise. (I didn’t even know it existed. Sorry…) However, I’ve seen Chris Pratt in Parks and Rec (Which is incredible HILARIOUS! If you’ve never watched it, I encourage you too! PLEASE!) and maaaan he is funny. I’ve seen or rather I heard him in Lego (well, Lego’s trailer… unfortunately I haven’t watched Lego. Yes, I’ve been crying buckets!) And he fit the character. Though I watched him in ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and he was different. This buff soldier guy.

So, when I watched this, okay…they put all of them together… let’s see how it goes. This seems quite interesting too.

PLUS KAREN GILLAN is in it! πŸ˜€ hehe Sorry, I just recently watched Doctor Who and I was delighted to see someone familiar from that and she is a villain so that seems interesting and different from her character there.

Status: UHUH! Gonna watch thiiiiisss!

8) Hector and Search of Happiness

I love Simon Pegg and it is fascinating to see him not only to get projects that are comedic but something heartfelt. Don’t get me wrong, I saw him in “Run Fatboy Run” and I adore that film. He can actually act in those dramatic kind of stories.

What I like about him is, he makes the character relatable because he makes them not only serious (to deal with life, think about life, reflect about life and so forth) but brings it smiles which in reality YES there are people like that. Most movies I see, if its drama…its all serious. A depressed person finding meaning of life or happiness or a happy person who never knew the meaning of happiness. Mostly its those opposite poles, which, I cannot argue they DO Attract one another and makes a great story.

However, I felt through this trailer this sense of refreshing vibe to Simon Pegg’s character. So even though, we’ve seen this formula of a story a million times, it gives it another go!

Status: Of course, I am going to watch this! πŸ™‚

9) Maladies

A different kind of heartwarming vibe as I watch it and you know what…it got me hooked! These kinds of films makes my heart melt like butter and sit in a cold breeze and just think about life. A great combo heartwarming + substantial + slice of life + funny= a perfect film dish for a warm cozy day.

STATUS: Yes, count me in for that order and bring some apple pie and hot coco with that!

10) Love Punch

Emma Thompson [CHECK]


Did i mention EMMA THOMPSON already? [CHECK]

Okay in all seriousness, there is really something about British films or even tv series that just makes me like it better most of the time to American movies and tv series. (I still like some okay! Just to make it clear)

They have this interesting realism humor people can relate to. I mean, they don’t try to be funny but the realism of someone getting older and is about to do something action packed needs to suddenly go to the loo? C’mon! That’s really funny!

I guess this is the one I am trying to talk about. Compared to the movies “Walk of Shame” and “Mom’s Night Out”Β above I’d rather watch this in full conviction. This is the comedy I meant, its funny but has substance. Or that, hilarious kind of vibe but not trying to hard. But then again, maybe it’s their culture and American audience are more comfortable in that kind of comedy.

STATUS: Definitely!


Trailer Fever: here we go!

So, because I’ve shared with you that I am fond of surfing trailers let me share to you some trailers I thought are quite interesting and will soon watch these said films once it’s released or Blu-ray released (because most of the time I don’t get to watch in the theater. :()

So, here are my 10 trailers in no particular order:

1) Her (2013)

Before it was talked about, I saw this trailer before and was captivated by not only the shots but the beauty of the story it seems to have. Now, even after the hype… and I think most people have watched it, I am still waiting for it to come by! Apparently back at home, it wasn’t released even here in Hong Kong, seems it’s not going to be released. 😦


2) Mr. Nobody (2009)

One of those trailers I had seen for some time ago and just realized it was released a long time ago. Now, literally finding the film and hopefully watch it! πŸ˜€ Don’t you think this is an interesting trailer?

Try it! Click the play button.

Status: You’re killing me!

3) Like Father Like Son (2013)

I heard this is one of the hidden gems, I think no one has ever heard of. And it is true, I haven’t heard of it and you know what? That’s great! πŸ™‚

I love those kinds of “hidden gems” no one has ever heard of… because then… they are the special kind. That feeling of “HAH! I am one of the secret society who knows these exceptional films!” and that “not to mainstream” kind of thing.

Not that I am hipster… (or am? O.O) but I don’t want to be those movie goers who just watches a film because “other people” said so. Or those movie goers…who just goes go with the flow because it’s the trend.

I want to watch a film because I think it’s interesting, because I think it’s entertaining and because I CHOOSE to watch it.

Status: πŸ™‚ Cannot wait to watch it! πŸ™‚ Yes, got some patience on this. It’s one of those dishes, you can wait no matter how long it is, because you know it’s cooked to the finest quality. πŸ™‚ Bon Apeptit! πŸ™‚

4) The Wind Rises (2013)

Aaawwww, Man! One of those films it’s released but cannot watch it because there is no eng subtitles! 😦

Status: Crying in the little corner

5) The Spectacular Now (2013)

It may seem like one of those crying serious rom genre…but I see some potential and spark. So, why not?

Status: Alright! Let’s see how this goes πŸ™‚

6) Devil’s Knot (2013)

Just saw it recently, and I thought when I saw the thumbnail it was a horror genre…good thing I clicked it and voila!

Status: Yes, interesting. Lemme wait for it! πŸ™‚ Still got the patience level on the high for this one.

7) The Past ( Le Passe) (2013)

Ohhhh! Ohhhhh! I am so excited for this!!!! :D:D When I started on the trailer…I was captivated. When I saw who is directing… I said to myself: “HELL YA! I am Β going to watch this!”

Status: Cannot wait! I am on the edge of my seat! πŸ˜€

8) Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)

Been waiting for this film for months. I think I saw this trailer last year and still waiting on to this day the release date or the blu-ray release. 😦 Did I mention, gorgeous shots?

Status: DYING TO WATCH THIS! Like really! PLEASE, pretty PLEASE on cherries on top let me watch it!

9) Kill your Darlings (2013)

One of those little trailers I watched for a long time and is still waiting for the release 😦

Status: You guessed it… I wanna cry… waiting for so looong! 😦

10) Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

I am not particularly into vampires ever since Twilight came about 😦 However, there are some exceptions… when one subject matter is used in an utmost different direction. And this is quite promising…it seemed more humane and realistic. I am interested on how they are going to take this kind of concept on the subject of vampires.

Status: Cannot wait but with zee patience I can muster! πŸ™‚

So there you go folks! πŸ™‚ Hope you are also persuaded of some sort to watch these films as well! πŸ™‚ Because I was! πŸ˜€ hehe

Til the next time,

easie peasie πŸ™‚