I Discovered a Hidden Feature in Facebook

Ever wonder what the other door is like? Or have these questions ponder you:

“What could have been?”

“What if?”

Well, don’t look any further. Apparently Facebook has that feature!

It isn’t a button you are grown accustomed to thanks to “like” or Β “share”, which are constantly in your page. However, it is that notion of being present in Facebook itself, the invisible “whatifs” button as I’d like to call it.

Have you had that instances in your life where you have to choose this certain path or keep going the same direction? Yes, right? Okay, let me make it more difficult. This time, have you had instances in you life that you were in a good place, great city, great company of friends and family yet, you know deep inside you are not “there yet”. You haven’t fully blossom, or better yet, haven’t reached the dream you strive to achieve in life. The only solution for you to shoot up is to go leave the place and venture to different places.

So, you are there in the crossroad of your life. Choose to stay and settle on this comfortable and happy bubble of yours. I mean, you can still grow as a person or in your career. Especially if you’ve found people who will not only accept you for who you are but help you to be a better person. And maybe find a job that is simple but makes you ultimately happy. Or choose to venture outside that bubble. A place you are not certain. Can give you a hell of a journey yet, give you a lifetime of experiences. You’ll be alone, nevertheless you’ll come out strong.

Now, its the moment of truth and finally you decided to leave. Your family and friends bid you a great farewell. And as you stroll around the unfamiliar waters of life you’ve never dealt with, you are both excited and nervous. Yet deep in your soul, it actually makes you happy.

The thing is as days and then months pass you by, you miss the comforts of home. And thankfully enough *tan tan tanan!* We’ve got Facebook!

You stay connected with them. Get to comment, share, chat and pretty much be still part of their comfort bubble. The thing is my friend, you are long gone on that bubble. Most probably, you are in a different hemisphere and most of the time feel you’re in a different planet! And it will eventually consume you.

And subtly, this Facebook feature emerges. Surprisingly, from, invisible it choses to be visible in your settings. You double check and it does. You are bewildered.

You see in your feed what they’ve been doing. What is happening in their lives, what you are missing. And finally it dawns on you, “I am seeing the other path. The path if I stayed. I pressed on the invisible “whatifs” button in fb.”

This made me think.

There is a reason why when we are in that certain crossroad of our lives, two paths, two doors are always the analogy. If you’ve got two paths and you need to choose the ultimate path, you will never be able to see what lies ahead on the other path. Same goes for the two doors.

Before, I’d always wonder why not make it transparent…or as we stroll along the decided path why not let us see what happens to us if we did choose the other one?

It’d be interesting.

It’d be fascinating.

It’d be a cheating.

You see, thanks to this special feature in Facebook, I finally understood why in life we need to decide in ONE PATH and never be able to see what lies in the other one.

When you are given two choices of anything. Clothes, gadgets, shoes and etc you feel something. Well, okay, yes joy because you didn’t need to choose. You got ALL OF THEM! That is not joy, that’s just the icing in the cake. You felt, confident safe and assured. It is guaranteed that you have them both. Β You have an endgame. You are certain!

NEWSFLASH: Life is unpredictable. Nothing is certain.

Yes, that is scary, unnerving, Β terrifying however it is what makes our life more interesting and colorful. It gives us a chance to get better. And isn’t that what we want in life? To be better at this career? To be better student? To be better fathers or mothers? To be better people? To grow as a person.

If we knew what will happen, then what can we change? There will be no chances to do something different, unimaginable, something no one has ever done. Or simply make it ordinary if your life is too wild and fast.

Get that what ifs out of your mind. You shouldn’t even welcome it into your lives. Yes, its interesting, but if we keep walking on the path we did take yet look on that transparent wall we’ll be just those exercising buffs who chooses to use the treadmill. They feel the illusion of motion and sweat but they will never have the experience of moving in the woods, or any place which joggers or runners feel. They are just in one place. So, We will never grow. We will be stuck at that place. True, you are walking on the path you choose. But it will never erase the fact you are still yearning for the past…or better yet the present parallel universe.

So, I thank you Mark Zuckerberg or whoever is making those features in Facebook come alive to make this “whatifs” button invisible! You know what, keep it invisible forever!

Ignore, all those feeling of regret, or loss. You are never lost! When you think about it, being lost is a good thing because you can find new things you never knew existed within you. And this is a luxury most people do not use because they are so “busy”. It’s quite unsettling because few people use this perk. But trust me, it’s all good! πŸ™‚ Just take time and ponder and you’d go back in track even stronger than ever!

So, keep moving forward. Or if you are tempted to look at the other door, get those eye focus things horses use. πŸ™‚ And just be focused in one path, the path you’ve chosen.

Keep that ‘whatifs’ button invisible and just be happy with whatever is happening in their lives. After all, its use is for staying connected. πŸ™‚


Spitwriting: Cruelty Ver.01

Post #08.1

Topic: Cruelty

Time Limit: 30 seconds

I silently looked back at her. Staring at her…and then and there I tried all I can muster. A question I always wanted to ask her but couldn’t quite say it through all this year.

“Why do this to yourself? The need to be so hard on yourself and criticism is all you do to yourself. Everything is not good enough for you. Why put pain on you? Why such cruelty?”

I gave all I can and just stumbled from all the energy drained from just uttering those words. She just kept staring back.

“Because you let me.” She answered back.

I tried to look up and look at her. Asking myself how did it come to this. Why would she say those horrible things.

Then it dawned on me, it was my reflection all along. No, the monster within me. She has taken almost all of me.

I kinda thought this was unfair… 30 seconds? Really. Well I know you can come up with something in 30 seconds because the first few words I thought to put in were:

“Just look at yourself in the mirror and wake the monster” or “Inside of you” something like that. But I wanted to have some sort of storytelling…a bit of drama… a bit of a build up so it kinda took long. πŸ˜› hehe

I think I finished in about 3-4mins and 30 seconds or something. Not so bad right? πŸ˜› C’mon…i did think of something short right? πŸ˜›Β 

I am just a sucker on reflection and self v.s. self nowadays! πŸ˜› (Or maybe, I just love those reflection-eque kind of genre or things) Shooocks! Maybe I’ve got some feels within me. Some demons inside of me I need to figure out and face. πŸ˜› It’s still a nice inspiration for writing right?

Experiences? huh? Hmmm…

Let me ponder on that πŸ™‚

Spitwriting: Mirrors

Post 05 Day 04

Topic: Mirrors

Time Limit: 10 mins.

Files of ‘uncertain’ Clients

Date: 01/ 21/ 14

Client #453

Appointment: #2

I strike it as odd and intriguing why people would stop and stare at me for a long period of time. Inch by inch, glancing up and down, left and right… they look at me and even to the point they’d even get closer as if examining me. I can practically feel the moist from their breathe.

Then I realize, ‘no they are not looking at YOU…they are looking at a similar vision of themselves’. To see themselves and not me. It’s quite a relief and disappointment. Relief, because who wouldn’t want someone to stare at you for a long time? Disappointment? Are you surprised to hear that? Well, yes, I do because it dawned on me they were never interested in me to begin with. No one really did stop and look at me… only me. No one tried to relate, to know me.

All they think about is themselves. How their hair is? How their make-up was done? How their noses are crocked? How and why their teeth are uneven? How they will look for their lover? How they…they …they!!! And no me.

Though, now that I think about it, they wouldn’t see anything about me. It is just endless pit of space. As you keep looking, you too, will get lost until you’ve forgotten who you are. So… where are we? where is the real me?Β who is the real me?

So you, see… our kind doctor… are quite odd. We see beauty from people who are blind and neglect what they are capable of. They use us as tools to look at them but they never see. However, our kind sees beauty… but we couldn’t for ourselves.

We have no being but still we exist.

That is our fate…that is our curse. And we must accept it as agonizing as it is.

That is what we are… Mirur… or what we call ourselves… Mirari but your species…you humans know us better in the name Mirror.

Okay, I think by now… I am not doing a spitwriting…because I am exceeding the time allotted. Pretty much, I am just writing whatever that comes to my head after getting the topic. Maybe, I’ll just do that.Β 

It just pains and frustrates me that really… truly and sincerely… I have the idea… but some kind of mental cork is in the way… that my overflowing ideas are just coming out… in a small amount of water, rather than like a burst of water just overflowing. It translates poorly.

I have to find the right words, the right way to story tell it, the word I want to use… uuggghhhh!!! So much frustrations! 😦

So, I do apologize. I really do! 😦

At the beginning, I was so excited and ecstatic to do this spitwriting…and now, I am just in some way… ‘cheating’ and taking so long… and not quite utilizing the exercise given. 😦 (If there is only an emoticon that has like a looooong sad faaace…I’d use it right here.)

I was planning it to go in somewhat and ever so slightly a different direction the topic, ‘Mirrors’ however, I felt so ashamed I AAAHHHGAAAIN, did not make the time allotted. So, I just hurried to finish it.Β 

I don’t want to promise anything… I’ll just do it next time! DAAARN! *puts the cone of shame* 😦