Spitwriting: Mirrors

Post 05 Day 04

Topic: Mirrors

Time Limit: 10 mins.

Files of ‘uncertain’ Clients

Date: 01/ 21/ 14

Client #453

Appointment: #2

I strike it as odd and intriguing why people would stop and stare at me for a long period of time. Inch by inch, glancing up and down, left and right… they look at me and even to the point they’d even get closer as if examining me. I can practically feel the moist from their breathe.

Then I realize, ‘no they are not looking at YOU…they are looking at a similar vision of themselves’. To see themselves and not me. It’s quite a relief and disappointment. Relief, because who wouldn’t want someone to stare at you for a long time? Disappointment? Are you surprised to hear that? Well, yes, I do because it dawned on me they were never interested in me to begin with. No one really did stop and look at me… only me. No one tried to relate, to know me.

All they think about is themselves. How their hair is? How their make-up was done? How their noses are crocked? How and why their teeth are uneven? How they will look for their lover? How they…they …they!!! And no me.

Though, now that I think about it, they wouldn’t see anything about me. It is just endless pit of space. As you keep looking, you too, will get lost until you’ve forgotten who you are. So… where are we? where is the real me? who is the real me?

So you, see… our kind doctor… are quite odd. We see beauty from people who are blind and neglect what they are capable of. They use us as tools to look at them but they never see. However, our kind sees beauty… but we couldn’t for ourselves.

We have no being but still we exist.

That is our fate…that is our curse. And we must accept it as agonizing as it is.

That is what we are… Mirur… or what we call ourselves… Mirari but your species…you humans know us better in the name Mirror.

Okay, I think by now… I am not doing a spitwriting…because I am exceeding the time allotted. Pretty much, I am just writing whatever that comes to my head after getting the topic. Maybe, I’ll just do that. 

It just pains and frustrates me that really… truly and sincerely… I have the idea… but some kind of mental cork is in the way… that my overflowing ideas are just coming out… in a small amount of water, rather than like a burst of water just overflowing. It translates poorly.

I have to find the right words, the right way to story tell it, the word I want to use… uuggghhhh!!! So much frustrations! 😦

So, I do apologize. I really do! 😦

At the beginning, I was so excited and ecstatic to do this spitwriting…and now, I am just in some way… ‘cheating’ and taking so long… and not quite utilizing the exercise given. 😦 (If there is only an emoticon that has like a looooong sad faaace…I’d use it right here.)

I was planning it to go in somewhat and ever so slightly a different direction the topic, ‘Mirrors’ however, I felt so ashamed I AAAHHHGAAAIN, did not make the time allotted. So, I just hurried to finish it. 

I don’t want to promise anything… I’ll just do it next time! DAAARN! *puts the cone of shame* 😦