I Discovered a Hidden Feature in Facebook

Ever wonder what the other door is like? Or have these questions ponder you:

“What could have been?”

“What if?”

Well, don’t look any further. Apparently Facebook has that feature!

It isn’t a button you are grown accustomed to thanks to “like” or  “share”, which are constantly in your page. However, it is that notion of being present in Facebook itself, the invisible “whatifs” button as I’d like to call it.

Have you had that instances in your life where you have to choose this certain path or keep going the same direction? Yes, right? Okay, let me make it more difficult. This time, have you had instances in you life that you were in a good place, great city, great company of friends and family yet, you know deep inside you are not “there yet”. You haven’t fully blossom, or better yet, haven’t reached the dream you strive to achieve in life. The only solution for you to shoot up is to go leave the place and venture to different places.

So, you are there in the crossroad of your life. Choose to stay and settle on this comfortable and happy bubble of yours. I mean, you can still grow as a person or in your career. Especially if you’ve found people who will not only accept you for who you are but help you to be a better person. And maybe find a job that is simple but makes you ultimately happy. Or choose to venture outside that bubble. A place you are not certain. Can give you a hell of a journey yet, give you a lifetime of experiences. You’ll be alone, nevertheless you’ll come out strong.

Now, its the moment of truth and finally you decided to leave. Your family and friends bid you a great farewell. And as you stroll around the unfamiliar waters of life you’ve never dealt with, you are both excited and nervous. Yet deep in your soul, it actually makes you happy.

The thing is as days and then months pass you by, you miss the comforts of home. And thankfully enough *tan tan tanan!* We’ve got Facebook!

You stay connected with them. Get to comment, share, chat and pretty much be still part of their comfort bubble. The thing is my friend, you are long gone on that bubble. Most probably, you are in a different hemisphere and most of the time feel you’re in a different planet! And it will eventually consume you.

And subtly, this Facebook feature emerges. Surprisingly, from, invisible it choses to be visible in your settings. You double check and it does. You are bewildered.

You see in your feed what they’ve been doing. What is happening in their lives, what you are missing. And finally it dawns on you, “I am seeing the other path. The path if I stayed. I pressed on the invisible “whatifs” button in fb.”

This made me think.

There is a reason why when we are in that certain crossroad of our lives, two paths, two doors are always the analogy. If you’ve got two paths and you need to choose the ultimate path, you will never be able to see what lies ahead on the other path. Same goes for the two doors.

Before, I’d always wonder why not make it transparent…or as we stroll along the decided path why not let us see what happens to us if we did choose the other one?

It’d be interesting.

It’d be fascinating.

It’d be a cheating.

You see, thanks to this special feature in Facebook, I finally understood why in life we need to decide in ONE PATH and never be able to see what lies in the other one.

When you are given two choices of anything. Clothes, gadgets, shoes and etc you feel something. Well, okay, yes joy because you didn’t need to choose. You got ALL OF THEM! That is not joy, that’s just the icing in the cake. You felt, confident safe and assured. It is guaranteed that you have them both.  You have an endgame. You are certain!

NEWSFLASH: Life is unpredictable. Nothing is certain.

Yes, that is scary, unnerving,  terrifying however it is what makes our life more interesting and colorful. It gives us a chance to get better. And isn’t that what we want in life? To be better at this career? To be better student? To be better fathers or mothers? To be better people? To grow as a person.

If we knew what will happen, then what can we change? There will be no chances to do something different, unimaginable, something no one has ever done. Or simply make it ordinary if your life is too wild and fast.

Get that what ifs out of your mind. You shouldn’t even welcome it into your lives. Yes, its interesting, but if we keep walking on the path we did take yet look on that transparent wall we’ll be just those exercising buffs who chooses to use the treadmill. They feel the illusion of motion and sweat but they will never have the experience of moving in the woods, or any place which joggers or runners feel. They are just in one place. So, We will never grow. We will be stuck at that place. True, you are walking on the path you choose. But it will never erase the fact you are still yearning for the past…or better yet the present parallel universe.

So, I thank you Mark Zuckerberg or whoever is making those features in Facebook come alive to make this “whatifs” button invisible! You know what, keep it invisible forever!

Ignore, all those feeling of regret, or loss. You are never lost! When you think about it, being lost is a good thing because you can find new things you never knew existed within you. And this is a luxury most people do not use because they are so “busy”. It’s quite unsettling because few people use this perk. But trust me, it’s all good! 🙂 Just take time and ponder and you’d go back in track even stronger than ever!

So, keep moving forward. Or if you are tempted to look at the other door, get those eye focus things horses use. 🙂 And just be focused in one path, the path you’ve chosen.

Keep that ‘whatifs’ button invisible and just be happy with whatever is happening in their lives. After all, its use is for staying connected. 🙂


The Collector: Today 1

Wouldn’t it just be perfect if you can leave everything behind and just be another person? Start a fresh? Leave everything behind? And maybe just disappear into space.

Those thoughts have been consuming me for some time now. Yes, most people would say its part of life. Or you’d get past that or it’s just a phase and you’d get back to your feet. I do agree with them and that is why you see me here, standing and carrying this humongous bags around me.

However it dawned on me today I am not most people. I am the collector.

You see I’ve been traveling for so long as I can remember. I don’t know why or rather I do not remember why. I look at myself and I see this large haystack of a hat too large for me. A scarf that has wrapped around my neck and its size is from half of my face to my knees. A Huge brown cloak that surrounds my whole thin body. With all this clothes on me, I can hardly see myself. I slowly made my way to my hands and there it was two large luggage hanging between my fingers. As I shifted the weight of the luggage for me to get its balance, I felt an even heavier weight hugging against my back and there it was another enormous baggage enveloping my back like it was clinging to its life.

Why do I have these things?

Why do I keep doing this?

Who am I?

As long as I remembered, I thought it was natural for people to have baggages. I see them all the time, in trains, airplanes, going to work, going home they have something to hold on to. However as years go by, I learned they didn’t have my kind of baggage. Mine was specifically different.   I mean you do see people, carrying bags all day. However in the past few years, I learned I am not carrying any ordinary bag like the rest of the world. It somewhat special. As I tend to get whatever I need and place it into one of these things I tend to forget what they are and I just remember I must keep on moving. There are times I have instances or memories putting something on it but everything turns blurry and white that I don’t remember anything at all. Next thing I knew I am sitting on a train and a ticket on my hand.

But today is different.

I looked at the glass across me. And I see I am growing tired each and everyday. Despite not seeing my whole face I can feel my eyes cringing from the pain. My hands are shaking from all the weight. My arms and back strained, hands shaking as the luggage hung on them. I can feel all the tension around my back from all the bag hugging and tightening its hold on to it.  I cannot possibly bare it. Another step and I might collapse from the unbalanced weight that is lunging towards me.  The weight is slowly killing me.

And so today, on a congested and busy train station somewhere on earth, I decided to bend my knees, slowly ease down my arms until I feel the luggages have landed on the ground; released my my hands from their clasp, got a hand on the bag at my back and slowly ease it down beside the two luggages. I checked if the ticket was still on my coat pocket and checked if the coast was clear.

I’d be lying to you if I said I hated the traveling part. I love new places, I love meeting new people and learning different cultures. And so I’ll continue with my travels. I slowly walked away from them.

For the first time in years, I felt relieved and relaxed.


Hello guys! 🙂 Sorry, for not being able to post anything for some time now. I’ve been quite busy with things and for the spitwriting? Well, as much as I wanted to post for that category I can’t cause the people in the group stopped giving topics. 😦 Quite sad really. 

Anyway, this is a short story-ish kind of thing. I got inspired recently! If you’d see carefully I’ve indicated a number in zeee title…so if you’d like to know what happens next just be up to date with things and wait for the next story. I’m trying to kinda make short stories but have that connection just like the book REVENGE by Yoko Ogawa.(BTW, loved that book! 🙂 Maybe if I got zeee time, I’ll make a book thought on it!)  So stay tuned! 🙂

Spitwriting: Awake

Post #07

Topic: Awake

Time Limit: 1-2 mins

I lie in bed… just looking at the ceiling…that seemed like decades.

The music I hear are the sound of my clock and the gust of wind protruding on the slightly ajar window beside me.

I feel calm, and lost at the same time as I keep looking at the darkness that surrounds me.

I slowly close my eyes but as it happens, my eyes can’t simply rest.

 Now, it’s 4:30 in the morning and I just feel like I am adrift on this vast sea called life and time just keeps slowly pressing me down at the same time

Is this the feeling of being awake in the middle of the night?…waiting for the hours to tick by? Waiting for something to happen? Waiting for someone to shake me in this stagnant point in my life… where my whole body…my whole identity…my whole being is just slipping away and floating somewhere in this universe.

So, I think I got better…2 mins and 10 seconds. 🙂 Not bad! Improving, nonetheless! 😛 hehe 

Inspired by recent events in once life and other’s experience… tadaaaaah! 🙂 I’d like to continue this though…but in a different… way. This was just to be able to finish in the time limit. Maybe in the future, I shall finally create one! 🙂 

Spitwriting: Shrivel

Post #06

Topic: Shrivel

Time Limit: 2.5-  3 mins

I’ve seen it all.

Flower…leaves…confidence…self-esteem… and especially a person

All of them shrivel and once they do, it’s as they never existed.

They all say that if they they are in this state, all your life slips away. Only death awaits.

And now, my time has come, I in fact don’t see that.

You see, it’s at the time you shrivel away, you reflect upon your life. Appreciate and enjoy it until you’re last breathe.

Gaaahh! Didn’t quite like how it turned out. Not only am I conscious of the fact I wanted to keep staying on the time limit but my brain is not functioning properly at the moment. One,  I am sick, and two, nothing is going inside my head. Pretty much just pitch black and I’ve used all my creative power supply. 

Kinda need to recharge (sleep…sleep…sleep) and supply new creativity power. 🙂

Til next time guys! 😀 Sorry for this BLAAARGGG! 😛 hehe