Encounters with the Unnoticed: Libby and Frank


On a cold night, I found her …lying down there…alone. She could have been placed in a standing position, placed in a corner or even better a proper cupboard like any broom should be but she was just there. I didn’t know how to put it, it was like she was ignored to the point no one cared she was there. She had no use at all.  It was heartbreaking.


Are you alright?” I slowly came towards her.

“Oh, good evening.” She said hesitantly and politely. “Yes, mam. I am quite alright. You have nothing to worry about, mam.”

I looked at her, unsure what to do. It’s like I want to do something but I didn’t know what it is.

“It’s just that…”

“Alone, mam?”

“Well…?” I said uncertainly.

“Lonely, mam? No worries, Frank’s here to keep me company. He always has.”


And that’s when I noticed an orange trash bin.

“Hello there, mam.  A good evening to you.”

“Hello, Frank. A good evening to you too.” I gave a small nod.

“Don’t worry of Libby here. She is quite a talker despite how she looks.” He gave a snigger.

“HEY! That isn’t nice of you to speak of.” That was the first time I heard Libby talk informally and comfortably.

“Well, I only speak the truth.”

“Truth that hurts people’s feelings, it’s what you should say!” She retorted.

This gave me a laugh. And in that instant, I saw that Libby had some purpose. In some ways, she found another way to be useful. I gave a warm smile despite the continues freezing wind engulfing Sham Shui Po.

And as I drifted away, I could still hear them banter like there is no tomorrow.

How an unlikely couple. But I couldn’t help give a hearty smile.