Spitwriting: Cruelty Ver.02

Post #08.2

Topic: Cruelty

Time Limit: 30 seconds

Wake the monster within and you shall face the greatest cruelty in mankind.

I couldn’t resist! >.< Sorry! 😛 Made a smaller version… yes, I did place this as well in the group just to satisfy them and me that MAAAN! I did it in the 30 second mark! 😛 hehe Wohooo! 🙂


Spitwriting: Cruelty Ver.01

Post #08.1

Topic: Cruelty

Time Limit: 30 seconds

I silently looked back at her. Staring at her…and then and there I tried all I can muster. A question I always wanted to ask her but couldn’t quite say it through all this year.

“Why do this to yourself? The need to be so hard on yourself and criticism is all you do to yourself. Everything is not good enough for you. Why put pain on you? Why such cruelty?”

I gave all I can and just stumbled from all the energy drained from just uttering those words. She just kept staring back.

“Because you let me.” She answered back.

I tried to look up and look at her. Asking myself how did it come to this. Why would she say those horrible things.

Then it dawned on me, it was my reflection all along. No, the monster within me. She has taken almost all of me.

I kinda thought this was unfair… 30 seconds? Really. Well I know you can come up with something in 30 seconds because the first few words I thought to put in were:

“Just look at yourself in the mirror and wake the monster” or “Inside of you” something like that. But I wanted to have some sort of storytelling…a bit of drama… a bit of a build up so it kinda took long. 😛 hehe

I think I finished in about 3-4mins and 30 seconds or something. Not so bad right? 😛 C’mon…i did think of something short right? 😛 

I am just a sucker on reflection and self v.s. self nowadays! 😛 (Or maybe, I just love those reflection-eque kind of genre or things) Shooocks! Maybe I’ve got some feels within me. Some demons inside of me I need to figure out and face. 😛 It’s still a nice inspiration for writing right?

Experiences? huh? Hmmm…

Let me ponder on that 🙂