Spitwriting: Quarantine

Post #4 Day 04

Topic: Quarantine

Time Limit: 6mins

Everything stood silent on that moment as if time suddenly stopped. Just like a dramatic movie was on. Ad mist of everything in chaos I saw the two of them. My eyes were affixed to them. No matter what i do i was drawn to them.

A middle aged woman kneeling in front of the thick glass in front of her. Her gaze was affixed to something… someone? couldn’t quite see who it is but her hand was touching the thick glass. It is actually forbidden but at this moment no one will ever mind.

She was silently holding back her tears this poor woman. Then there i saw…as the cloud of people slowly dispersed on my vision that was blocking the opposite end of the woman… a young little girl clinging out from the grasp of a soldier. Crying hysterically…continuously banging the glass that as we all know can never be broken by a small hand of a child. And the word “mama” kept leaving her trembling lips. Her tears kept pouring and pouring until she can no longer.

This is what i’ve feared at the incoming pandemic that just suddenly swept us.

The sudden chaos, the desperate people, and the thick glass that has to be placed for this horrible pandemic to stop.

But nothing is more horrible than to be separated from a loved one… more importantly a mother to a young.

However in order for us to survive…a quarantine has to be placed in order.

I do apologize, I exceeded again from the time limit. By this time, I think I am just glad that I can participate and exercise my story telling skills with the topic bestowed daily. But I’ll really, really try for next topic.

For this entry I was thinking of it to be longer but I noticed time was up a loooong time ago. So, kinda gave a shorter version. (And actually, I think the short version is not that bad. :P) Not yet done with the longer version.

So, if you guys are interested just click here for the longer version. BTW, I’ve not typed it so, please do wait! 😀 Anyway, I shall post it in a new post! 😉 so no worries!