Warm Welcome

Hello and greetings! and welcome to my little haven… my bubble…my journal. A blog that is not quite you’d normally expect. Yes, it will contain most of my thoughts but thoughts most probably about books or comics I’ll be reading in the future.

I may not be a writer, I may not be a professional critic, I may not be a die hard comic fan but one thing is is for sure I love stories and I love art. And I would love to share my thoughts and feelings about it and maybe draw those emotions for you! :) Or for me rather, cause it’s a good way for me to practice my drawing and visual storytelling skills.

Then again, maybe no one will be heading this blog of mine :)) haha but that’s alright! This is my journal, in some ways it’s a place where I can grow as an artist, as a  storyteller and get better at it! If visitors do come along, they are most welcome to do so! :D And so I shall greet you guys with a warm ‘Hellooo!!’

So in here, anything is possible! :)

Til next time,

easie peasie