TV series Thoughts- Some Pondering

I’ve always adored television. I think most of my childhood were filled with it- cartoons, Anime, telenovela, variety shows to weekend movies. So, it is no question when I decided to share my thoughts to some shows I am currently or previously watched.  As much as I was thrilled to start typing I had a dilemma of  which tv series I shall cover first.

You see, in the past few years, I’ve watched countless of series and I have too many feels in each one of them. Don’t quite know how to put it into words. From the beloved Friends, to American Horror Story: Coven, to the hilarious and yet underated Arrested Development. Even until to the huge British sensations like Doctor Who and Sherlock.

Here’s the thing, let me make it clear, I don’t usually fall for the type who goes with the flow as you can see on my film thoughts. I don’t just share my thoughts or in technical terms ‘review’ movies that are quite mainstream. I have a process, a principle that I won’t just get into the hype or craze even if it is critically acclaimed or gotten few prestigious awards. Because frankly I’ve been there. In some ways I’ve started like that and there is nothing wrong with that. My concern lies on some observations that some people would keep on doing it because of the trend (…maybe). Unless you know, it finally is their taste.

Before anything, I try to see if it is interesting in my taste. (AND, I try to let the buzz or hype to dwindle so I won’t be persuaded by it. Try to watch them maybe after few weeks the series ends. Actually it is quite lovely because if I do like the series, I can just have a marathon and not partake on the waiting once you finish one episode. ) Then, I look for their promo or a little synopsis and yes…I still check once in a while if they got a great review or if it was well received. However, that criteria only falls back to 5% of my process and will be transparently yet hidden in my brain. Because the number one priority here were DID I THINK IT WAS INTERESTING? DID IT FIT INTO MY LIKING? 

Yes, occasionally you’d see some mainstream or popular shows I would maybe share my thoughts on BUT it is because it did fit into my liking.

Now back to my current dilemma. So, what TV series should I start with this category: TV THOUGHTS? Well I’ve decided. 🙂 But, I’d rather keep the suspense. So stay tuned!

Here are some shows I am currently watching or watched that got my interest. You might even find I’d write all about them. (Just hope that I get to find time to do them all.) Well it’s no brainer I would but, still bare with the sluggish post. And of course, you might have an inkling which of these babies would be my first post for the said category 🙂


Just to give you a little heads up these babies I’ve posted are just the tip of the ice berg of tv series I love and watch. So, do come aboard and wait patiently for them. Who knows, I might prompt you to watch them your selves! 🙂

sherlock_uk-show Orange-is-the-New-Black-02-poster1-e1374452170612-959x1024 63082d354712fce80a1730c2ce071da3 My Mad Fat Diary

American-Horror-Story-Season-3-Promotional-Posters-american-horror-story-35577285-889-1224 Running_Man_07-940x529-2

해피선데이.E474.슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다_12.140119.HDTV.XViD-HANrel.avi_004748214 Community-NBC-TV-Show

Photo References from top left to right:


Orange is the New Black:×1024.jpg


My Fat Mad Diary:×366/mad-fat-teenage-diary-genericmidres.jpg

American Horror Story Salem:

Running Man:×529-2.JPG?itok=pLJ7rxZ5

Return of Superman:



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