The Collector: Today 1

Wouldn’t it just be perfect if you can leave everything behind and just be another person? Start a fresh? Leave everything behind? And maybe just disappear into space.

Those thoughts have been consuming me for some time now. Yes, most people would say its part of life. Or you’d get past that or it’s just a phase and you’d get back to your feet. I do agree with them and that is why you see me here, standing and carrying this humongous bags around me.

However it dawned on me today I am not most people. I am the collector.

You see I’ve been traveling for so long as I can remember. I don’t know why or rather I do not remember why. I look at myself and I see this large haystack of a hat too large for me. A scarf that has wrapped around my neck and its size is from half of my face to my knees. A Huge brown cloak that surrounds my whole thin body. With all this clothes on me, I can hardly see myself. I slowly made my way to my hands and there it was two large luggage hanging between my fingers. As I shifted the weight of the luggage for me to get its balance, I felt an even heavier weight hugging against my back and there it was another enormous baggage enveloping my back like it was clinging to its life.

Why do I have these things?

Why do I keep doing this?

Who am I?

As long as I remembered, I thought it was natural for people to have baggages. I see them all the time, in trains, airplanes, going to work, going home they have something to hold on to. However as years go by, I learned they didn’t have my kind of baggage. Mine was specifically different.   I mean you do see people, carrying bags all day. However in the past few years, I learned I am not carrying any ordinary bag like the rest of the world. It somewhat special. As I tend to get whatever I need and place it into one of these things I tend to forget what they are and I just remember I must keep on moving. There are times I have instances or memories putting something on it but everything turns blurry and white that I don’t remember anything at all. Next thing I knew I am sitting on a train and a ticket on my hand.

But today is different.

I looked at the glass across me. And I see I am growing tired each and everyday. Despite not seeing my whole face I can feel my eyes cringing from the pain. My hands are shaking from all the weight. My arms and back strained, hands shaking as the luggage hung on them. I can feel all the tension around my back from all the bag hugging and tightening its hold on to it.  I cannot possibly bare it. Another step and I might collapse from the unbalanced weight that is lunging towards me.  The weight is slowly killing me.

And so today, on a congested and busy train station somewhere on earth, I decided to bend my knees, slowly ease down my arms until I feel the luggages have landed on the ground; released my my hands from their clasp, got a hand on the bag at my back and slowly ease it down beside the two luggages. I checked if the ticket was still on my coat pocket and checked if the coast was clear.

I’d be lying to you if I said I hated the traveling part. I love new places, I love meeting new people and learning different cultures. And so I’ll continue with my travels. I slowly walked away from them.

For the first time in years, I felt relieved and relaxed.


Hello guys! 🙂 Sorry, for not being able to post anything for some time now. I’ve been quite busy with things and for the spitwriting? Well, as much as I wanted to post for that category I can’t cause the people in the group stopped giving topics. 😦 Quite sad really. 

Anyway, this is a short story-ish kind of thing. I got inspired recently! If you’d see carefully I’ve indicated a number in zeee title…so if you’d like to know what happens next just be up to date with things and wait for the next story. I’m trying to kinda make short stories but have that connection just like the book REVENGE by Yoko Ogawa.(BTW, loved that book! 🙂 Maybe if I got zeee time, I’ll make a book thought on it!)  So stay tuned! 🙂


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