Film Thoughts: Austenland

Title: Austenland

Directed by: Jerusha Hess

I actually found about this film through the whirlwind of video site (drum roll, please…) none other than: YOUTUBE. And because I have that “let’s-surf-some-trailer-videos-because-I-am-just-bored-or-curious-what-are-the-interesting-movies-this-coming-months” hobby… well there you have it! πŸ˜€ This is one of zeee results! πŸ˜€

I am not quite a huuuuge fan of this kind of movies however I do watch them because they are “lite”…as the book’s ,which is based upon this movie, genre is called: “CHIC LIT”. Well, in my little world I do call it, “Feel Good Movies”…because it does make you feel good in some ways especially those ‘funny movies’. πŸ™‚ And it is a good film to watch after a heavy, over awesome plot, mind blasting kind of films πŸ™‚

THOUGH… when I watched this trailer, the story seemed interesting to me and soon I was kind of hoping to one day watch it. πŸ™‚

And now for the part when I able to watch it:

The story is quite “lite” as it is mentioned. Very simple story, “A fan girl who is obsessed on Jane Austen novels to the point her bedroom is already soaked on it finds a vacation fit for her. And finds herself and of course the usual ingredient… romance.”

Though, what I liked about this film was the main protagonist, ‘Jane’ (no surprise there. :P) was not a stagnant kind of character. She was this naive, Β timid, small, full of her fantasy kind of woman at first and then she slowly turned into this “No, I’ve got to snap of it” woman. Trying to see pass through the fantasy and just go back to reality. Thankfully they did that to the character.

Here is the thing, there is nothing wrong with a fantasy because really it helps us distract ourselves on those horrible events we have to face on our life. However, we’ve got to go back to reality sometime and FACE IT STRAIGHT ON! πŸ™‚

Though now that I mentioned it, the first few parts of the film didn’t emphasize that Jane was suffering from this “reality” thing and just want to go to her little bubbly world of Austenworld of hers. It was just illustrated that… “This Jane of a character is a huuuuge faaaan of Austen and she is in that point so immersed through it her best friend is actually concerned for her”.

There is no problem with that if that is how the story was coming along. I mean it is considered “lite”, right? However, as it progressed the movie was trying to go for the “deep, serious” kind, which again is no problem BUT the tricky thing is, in the end it didn’t have that ‘serious, deep’ kind of Β impact the movie wanted to go. It just went…’okay’.

If they wanted to go in that direction then they should’ve started in that kind of direction rather than… let’s make it light..then a bit serious then let’s start with the SHEBAAAANG! of awesome deep conclusion at the end.

Probably a nice way to have handed that was at the first part… yes… she is a humongous fan of Austen novels but place something that her life wasn’t what she expected like the books. Or that her life was miserable. Show some camera angles or visual storytelling that she isn’t as happy with her reality as her bubble world of Austenland fantasy. And add to that (because it seems the ‘romance’ is a huge part of it), that her love life isn’t as helpful.

They did place like, two sequence she was dating 2 guys but it wasn’t as enough or a pull to get the audience think she was that miserable. Plus one of the scenes… seemed like… she wasn’t as interested in dating and would rather be watching BBC’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’.

In that shot, I thought she was that kind of character who didn’t mind having no relationship at all. That she was just as happy to be single. And I think that was interesting. A woman who isn’t that desperate to be in a relationship and just go on with her life. Loving her life even if it is including her Austenland fantasy. Because she didn’t seem awfully miserable with her reality at all.

And yes, there was that other scene she had a repugnant ex-boyfriend… and she looked disgusted by him…but for me it showed more of… “I am not into this crap of guys. I’ll just stay single.” Because really there is nothing wrong if you decided to be single. To be happy for yourself. To be finding who you are first…then maybe once you figure it out…or you’re in that zone…find a man who loves you including those flaw of yours…VOILA! You hit a binggo right?

Yet, this movie didn’t go there. It was quite all over the place. In someways I didn’t know where it was leading to really. In that kind of independence kind of direction but finds a real love on the side note or that its really just rom com.

There is nothing wrong with going for the rom com direction but this film decided to be a rom com then… in the middle part of it decided ‘HEY! Let’s change it to a different direction’. And became quite confusing.

But thankfully, the comedy part compensated it. πŸ™‚ Actress, Jennifer Coolidge made it all funny and entertaining. Plus some, funny slapstick comedy scenes… it made it work…somehow! πŸ™‚

Plus, J. J Fields looked quite like Tom Hiddleston…and Lee Pace. Don’t you think? :)) hahaha confused myself in there. But Tom Hiddleston is actually kind of great in this kind of characters really. πŸ™‚ hehe Not to mention he’s also great on being a villain! πŸ˜€ Okay, going off topic really! :))

So, if you guys are up for the ‘feel good’ kind of movie… this is for you! πŸ™‚ but if you’re not too sure, just click the play button on the trailer above and see for yourself if you’re up for it! πŸ˜€

Til next film thoughts,

easie peasie πŸ˜€


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