Spitwriting: Shrivel

Post #06

Topic: Shrivel

Time Limit: 2.5-  3 mins

I’ve seen it all.

Flower…leaves…confidence…self-esteem… and especially a person

All of them shrivel and once they do, it’s as they never existed.

They all say that if they they are in this state, all your life slips away. Only death awaits.

And now, my time has come, I in fact don’t see that.

You see, it’s at the time you shrivel away, you reflect upon your life. Appreciate and enjoy it until you’re last breathe.

Gaaahh! Didn’t quite like how it turned out. Not only am I conscious of the fact I wanted to keep staying on the time limit but my brain is not functioning properly at the moment. One,  I am sick, and two, nothing is going inside my head. Pretty much just pitch black and I’ve used all my creative power supply. 

Kinda need to recharge (sleep…sleep…sleep) and supply new creativity power. 🙂

Til next time guys! 😀 Sorry for this BLAAARGGG! 😛 hehe 


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