Spitwriting: Thief

Post #1

Topic: Thief

Time Limit: 2-5 mins.

I’ve been standing, listening as the hours tick away and looking at him. He is just inches away from me and I can most definitely smell his scent from where I am standing. I just didn’t know what to do. Looking at him, I never knew the truth. I never understood. But one thing is for sure he stole everything from me. My clothes, my home, my family, my being, my identity.

You will certainly pay!

“Dad! What are you doing again? Looking and talking to yourself in front of the mirror again. Give me that, shaving blade! You’ll have another nervous breakdown!”

It took me about 4:54 mins. *PHEEEWWWW* hehe ( I just recently watched Blue Jasmine and I was just inspired by it! BTW, Cate Blanchett’s acting was just superb! I hear Oscar bells! hehe

I do recommend you guys watching it. Or better yet if you guys have time, do read my thoughts about it! 😉 And yes, I thought of…why not have also Film Thoughts? I love films and its a great way to learn sequential art! 🙂 So hope you guys read them!)


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