Spitwriting: Inside

Post #3 Day 02

(There is actually a slight additional rule now. TWO TOPIC in one day. So this is my second post for the day)

Topic: Inside

Time Limit: 2-3 mins.

We’ve been looking at it for a long time. We couldn’t understand why it was taking this long and why it didn’t work at all. We’ve done all the possibilities, creatively and technically. I mean this isn’t supposed to be hard for, us artists, right? And that’s when my blood started to boil towards the man in front of us.

The man kept us in this room to keep thinking until we get the right answer. And in that moment, this room turned to be our hell.

“Professor, we’ve been here for hours. We’ve told you, all the ideas we can come up with it?”

“Aren’t we at least close to the answer?”

“Apparently, my dear boy. You’ve gone so far.”

“But we’ve thought everything…everything out of the box!” One of my class mate shouted in frustration.

“That’s the thing my dear students. You’ve thought too much that you’ve gone too far.” He smiled. “It is perfectly fine to go further. However, sometimes the answer is inside the box. It is something, right in front of you. You needn’t to look any further.”

And I read out the question on the blackboard again.

“what is beyond that door?”

And that’s when he opened the door and said: “The Hallway, other students, the locker… to name a few.” He gave a sincere smile.

Maaan! I exceeded the time limit. I was doing this for 8-10 mins! 😦 Daaarn! I had the idea but executing it was quite a tricky business! Thank goodness these things help you get better in these kind of situation but still I think, I like these exercise more to help me think of stories in different topics. 🙂 So I guess, everything is all good! 😀 hihi

I am not so happy though how I executed it. If i could fix it a bit maybe I can make it work. Maybe next time! 😉 I had to finish it for the post and to do the exercise so there ya go! 


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