Encounters with the Unnoticed: Mr. Patrick Peggsworth

ImageI’ve been standing and waiting for my train. This does not happen often…this long wait.

And so I grew impatient. Suddenly I kept fidgeting and out of nowhere I looked up. That’s when I noticed him.

“Hello!” He said. “It’s awfully nice someone has noticed me. Usually, these people only look at the ground or the tiny and flat boxes they always bring.”

“Oh, I see. I’m sorry that seems quite rude. Well from all of us, we are all sorry.”

“It’s quite alright, dear. What can I say, I am a fellow who’s overlooked. By the way the name is Peggsworth, Patrick Peggsworth.”

“Hi! Nice to meet you, Mr. Peggsworth.”

“Nooo! Call me Patrick.”

“Well then, it’s nice to me, Patrick.” Despite the tube in front of his mouth, he gave a delighted beam.

It was quite a pleasant chat. I didn’t even notice the train was in front of me until the doors opened.

We said our goodbyes. He gave another smile. Yet…it seemed quite different from the first one. The smile…it bothered me for some reason. It intrigued and haunted me for the rest of the trip. Then it hit me, that smile wasn’t just any kind of some… it was a lonely smile.

It dawned on me. No one will ever look up at Mr. Peggsworth… or I mean, Patrick ever again. Even I…most probably won’t ever remember to look up and just give a simple “hello!” or “how you doing, Patrick?” Because we are all consumed by our busy lives that we can’t even stop to appreciate the little things.

And yes, including the tiny, flat box we always bring and have our hands on, as said by the sweet old Mr. Patrick Peggsworth.


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